I have decided to turn my Kindle Vella story into a book.

I have decided to turn my Miss. Rose Kindle Vella Story into a book and a series. So I have now started to write a new Kindle Vella Story.

The new story is going to be called “Demon Hunter Investigation Services.” It is the story of a young woman who is already a hereditary witch, who started off life as a child of a Satanic Cult parents. She was rescued by her grandmother and brought to the states. She has had a series of terrible things happen to her. Now she has moved, opened a store, and has been having one-night affairs.

The last of the one-nighters turned out to be a big mistake. It was a demon, who gave her as a parting gift immortality, and powers. She now uses these new found powers which start off as a curse as a way to get back at the demon by destroying and binding all the demons she can.

I am thinking I may turn this into a series of books, depending on how well the story goes.

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