This Is Me In Not So Small A NutShell.

This is my blog where I am going to be sharing my writings and ideas and my venting, so I may offend some people and that’s OK because you can’t please everyone all the time. My aim is to just get my writing out there and get feedback positive or negative, but not just to be mean. I am a full time worker and a divorcee. I am a veteran of the Army and have a lot of mental scars from my time in. So you may see writings about that. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man for the last two years and he has treated me better than any man has ever done. I live in Ohio, not happy about that and really want to move, and when finances are better then we are moving not sure where to but definitely somewhere warmer than here! I love jokes and to laugh so I may share those from time to time. I love riddles too so may see some of those too. I love to share useless pieces of knowledge and make you think about things that you wouldn’t normally. I am about to start a healthy diet and exercise routine so I will be sharing my journey with that. I may share recipes and all sorts of things like that. Mainly i will be sharing writings about deep and insightful and interesting and funny things. I may even give you glimpses into my books i am writing or the ideas I am having for books. I just want this to be a fun and free of any hangups place where I can meet other writers and other like minded individuals and share writings and the things on my mind.