I Am In The Process Of Writing A New Kindle Vella Story: The Killer In Me….

New Kindle Vella Story.

I am in the process of writing an ongoing story in Kindle Vella on Amazon called “The Killer In Me…” It is the story of a woman who has the killer in her awakened by a traumatic experience. It shows the progression from non-violent shy and quiet woman to full blown killer. The woman is on a killing spree and isn’t caught. Rose kills more than a few people.

She is a college teaching assistant in the forensic psychology department. Rose is an intern in the FBI’s forensic psychology teams lab. They are creating a profile of serial killers. The team she is working on has her murders come across their desk and they are tasked with profiling the killer. This will be fun she thinks.

Rose enjoys the teams being stumped by her killings. They come up with a totally wrong profile. In the end she is sitting on a beach in Florida. Smiling and drinking a tequila sunrise basking in her joy.

In Conclusion

I am going to enjoy writing this and finishing my romance novel.

I also will be putting my weekly email out this evening, so if you would like a copy of it then email me or comment on this email. Send me your email and I will email it to you.

As always Happy Writing and have a Great Weekend.

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