Longing; another writing.


I long for the day when I am free.
Free from emotional pain.
Free from the memories.
Free from the nightmares.

I long for a quiet mind.
I long to forget.
I long to feel love.

My mind is so loud.
The memories, the pain, the torture of what I have given up for the good of others and the benefit of others.

All the faces of those who have caused me pain and I have given up, twist and morph into a monstrous and demonic entity that haunts my dreams and waking thoughts.

I have sacrificed myself and sanity for the good of others.

I long to be like a butterfly, emerging from my cocoon with bright new wings, new and fresh leaving my ugly past behind.

I sometimes long for it all to end, but I can’t do it because of the pain it would cause others. My life is lived for everyone else. I don’t feel as if I have any freedom to be and do what I really want to.

I long so much to be free of all this pain and suffering. It won’t end any time soon. I need to free myself from these torturous demons once and for all. These chains I vow to break once and for all.

I will be free just like I long to be!

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