My Favorite.

I have been interested in serial killers since I was a child and I first heard the story of Jack The Ripper. My all time favorite serial killer is Jack The Ripper closely followed by H. H. Holmes here in America.

Why do I like these serial killers, well for one Jack was never identified and just all of a sudden stopped and to this day they are still trying to figure out who he is or was. I like Holmes because he designed and built an entire hotel that was a giant torture chamber and that takes a lot of moxie and thinking.

I mean some people think I have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers and I have something psychologically wrong with me, but really we all have our obsessions and mine isn’t from some sick fascination, it is from one of trying to understand what makes them tick and think and do what they do.

I mean yes there are professionals that work for the FBI that are paid to do that, and yet what they believe and what I believe is two different ideas as to what makes a serial killer. They believe they are abused as children and it is their way to lash out at the one who abused them, but several serial killers were not abused as children at all and didn’t abuse and kill animals or other kids, so how do they fit in?

I like to research and watch all kinds of shows and radio shows and podcasts about it and I just get so interested in it. I do have a degree in criminal justice and a minor in abnormal psychology and so all of it ties together and I just really like to figure out how people and society work and think.

It is all very interesting to me.

Well until we meet again Happy Writing.

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