The Price of Living!

Just went to the grocery store and I was amazed at how much food has really gone up! It’s bad enough that gas is astronomical in price but now food too! It’s as if it doesn’t pay to live anymore!

2 dozen eggs for $10.50 that’s outrageous! Makes me want to move to a small farm house in the country and raise my own chickens and grow my own vegetables! How can this make sense in anyones mind?!

Now a grocery trip a couple months ago would have cost me maybe $25 for a week now that has gone up to $80 and it doesn’t even last a week. I work at a grocery store and I have watched as prices go up and up. I know about inflation and the law of supply and demand from my economics classes in college, but this is more than inflation and the law of supply and demand! This is insane!

At least if food prices keep going like they are and the dollars per hour don’t go up to work then we will see a severe trimming of the waist lines of many Americans. You can’t afford to eat as much or like you did before! I know I have cut my food intake back and have lost pounds. It costs too much to be fat and eat like you could before!

Fast food costs more and more these days too. And then there are the food shortages, what’s really going on? This war in the Ukraine is what. Put a ban on imports from Russia to teach them a lesson but who is really learning the lesson they were the biggest grain supplier for the world and now look at is we are being crippled by these bans. It’s time for the politicians to be smart!

I know that is an oxymoron a smart politician it’s like saying military intelligence, but come on babies are starving because we don’t have the wheat and milk to produce the formula they need. How many babies need to die before they get their heads out of their asses? I don’t know it just seems like we are the ones paying not Russia during this embargo on trade with Russia.

Anyway have a good one and Happy Writing!

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