Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive!

I just watched a very inspiring documentary about a woman who broke the world record of free diving under ice, and not just by a little, by a lot. She dove longer than the world record holding man, of 80 meters. This insanely courageous woman dove 103 meters!

Who is this woman? Her name is Johanna Nordblad, she is from Finland and she is married and has children. She lives her life on the edge and does couraegous things all the time, and by her side the whole time and all the way is her sister! It truly is inspiring to watch someone at her age and with a family take on something so death defying.

Most of us struggle to get up and go to work everyday, and this woman does all that and raises a family and breaks world records. She truly is an inspiring and empowering woman to watch. She did it in just a regular bathing suit and swim hat and goggles. I cringe when the water runs warm in the bathtub, let alone cold. But she makes a point of swimming in cold, and not just cold but freezing water every single day.

I now have someone I can look up to as a woman in later years, when I start to feel like I can’t do something or when I start to think things are getting too much for me. I have never really had a strong female role model in my life, I always modeled my life after my grandfather, but to see someone in the same ager group as myself going after and doing something this amazing has truly made me see that if you want it bad enough and choose mind over matter then it can be done.

Here lately life has been getting a little much for me and I have been thinking along my old thought patterns that the world and everyone would be better off if I wasn’t in it, things haven’t been going so well in my relationship and work just seems so boring and monotonous and I haven’t really cried over anything, not even sad movies like I usually do, and then I watch this woman and I find myself thinking how selfish and dumb I am to think my little daily problems are. I haven’t done anything at all like this or even came close to it, she could have given up when she contracted COVID, but she didn’t she pushed through and got the job done. She is a mental and physical warrior woman and I look up to her.

Life has its difficulties, and it is all in how you look at it as to whether it brings you down or builds you up. For too long I have been wallowing in the victim mentality and I need to straighten up and take life by the horns and do something. I am a woman, and I am strong, I can do anything life throws at me. For too long now, I have been a silent witness as my mind rules everything and I overthink everything. I need to slow down and take my time and stop thinking so much and I need to just stop, breathe and be happy. I know it is easier said than done but it is all a mind set just like Johanna had to get into a mindset we all need to and especially me.

No more putting off writing and all the other stuff that makes me happy to do a menial and boring job, no more letting others actions dictate how I think and feel. This was my personal call to arms, watching this documentary and I applaud Johanna and congratulate her on the accomplishment and I hope other women see the documentary and find it a call to arms also.

Till next time thanks, and happy writing.

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