The Killer Speaks to Me

Well, now I have been so busy writing my story “The Killer Speaks to Me” that I have totally forgotten all about my blog. I have also been job hunting because the one I am at now, although it allows me the time to write my Stories and books, it comes with a lot of stress, and I am having trouble with my health from this.

I have decided I am going to find another form of employment where I do not have to deal with other employees, and I am not the boss. I have so far found that I can make as many if not more delivering packages as a courier out of my own car, so I am going that route right now.

I have also got three more parts to my story the Killer Speaks to Me and I will be able to refine it, edit it, and make it into a novel. I have found what sort of genre and story I love to write. Writing these crime mysteries is very enjoyable. I was going to try and write a Romance novel, but I just do not feel like I can manage that type of writing. I’ve never been romantic and have never experienced romance or read that many romance novels. I guess I am too cynical for romance. LOL.

I may add a little bit of romance into my crime mysteries, but I am not going to try to write a full-on Romance novel just yet. I know that I will not have as much time to write as I do now, but I will make do with my time off.

I am looking forward to the new experience and the weight loss that will come from lifting and moving a whole lot more. Last time I had an active job I managed to lose 40lbs, so I am hoping this will happen again.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning to be a ticket counter sales and customer service rep at Cincinnati Airport, but I am not really looking so much to trying that job. I will have to deal with customers and other employees. I would rather work by myself.

Well, my chest is starting to hurt with anxiety and thought of the interview so I will end here. I would add the next excerpt from my story, but I have written so much since my last blog post, so I will not add it here, but I am very proud of this story and do hope that it starts to get reads soon.

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