Kindle Vella Episode Two: The Killing of the Small Ones Part Two

Th Killing of the Small Ones: Part Two

The Killing of the Small Ones: Part Two

Rose took the newly made key from Henry and told him she was in his debt, for being so fast and coming at such a late hour. Henry tipped his hat and picked up his tools and walked out of the station. “Now, constable I know you are going to want a copy of this key, so I will have one made on my way to work in the morning as I would much rather, I keep this one.” The constable smiled and told her that would be fine with him, and he would tell the desk sergeant in the morning of the plan. Rose nodded and walked out of the station.

She had a headache and couldn’t put her finger on just where the pain was or why, it just a stabbing pain in her whole head. She needed to get home and take one of her herbal remedies for pain and quick before this turned into one of her migraines and she was out of commission for the next couple of days, what good would she be then. Susan couldn’t solve this case by herself, and it seemed like they had a person trying desperately for this case not to get solved.

The next morning Rose felt a little groggy after all she had tossed and turned all night, there was a nagging thought she just couldn’t put her finger on in her mind and the pain in her head just was not going away. She was going to have to make an appointment to see her doctor if it didn’t go away by mid-

morning. She went down to the local hardware store and had two copies of the key made from the night before, and then went on to the station. She handed one copy of the key to the desk sergeant who was waiting for it and the other to Susan. “My you look awful Rose, is everything ok?” Rose rubbed her fingers on her temple and grimaced with the pain, “I am fine I just have one of my migraines starting. I’ll be fine once I busy myself with this case.”

She stepped into the office and looked at their hard work tossed all over the office and all their notes strewn here there and everywhere. “Arghh, how can this be, I had this office locked up tight all night!” She whirled around, angry now, and stormed over to the desk sergeant’s desk. “Who on earth would do thing to my work and office?! Do you have cameras to see who could possibly have done this?”

“Now hold on Miss. Rose, what are you talking about?” The desk sergeant looked totally lost and perplexed by the way she was acting. “My office that’s what I’m talking about. It looks like some one let a whirlwind loose in there!” Rose pointed in the direction of her office. The desk sergeant got up from his papers and walked to the office, “Oh, my, who would and could have done such a thing!” He turned from the destruction and looked at Rose, “Don’t worry miss Rose, I will get to the bottom

of this. Do you want one of the constables to help you clean the mess up?” She shook her head and told him she was sorry for yelling but it had taken them a lot of time to come up with what system they had and to organize everything. He told her he would check cameras and then come to her with any knowledge.

Rose thanked the sergeant and then went into the room, she turned the chair right side up and plopped herself down in it, holding her hands to her head and leaning her elbows on her knees. “Why Susan why? Why on earth would someone want to set us back a day of work like this?” Susan came up to Rose and placed her hand on her shoulder and stooped down to face her, “I don’t know Rose, but I am sure we will have answers soon.” They then began busying themselves with cleaning up the mess.

They took a lot less time to clean and rearrange things than they had at first. Thanks to a good working relationship between Rose and Susan and the system they had come up with. “Now, let’s see if anything is amiss, or missing.” They then spent the next hour going through their notes and cross-referencing them with what they had and sure enough there were some notes and evidence missing again. “Susan I am beginning to think someone does not want this case to be closed.” Susan nodded in agreement, “I think so too Rose.”

They were drinking their tea and sandwiches for lunch wh

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