I Know I Have Been Absent For A Week, But I Am Back And Here is What I have Been Working On…

I started a new Kindle Vella story: The Killer Speaks To Me

Episode one:

The Killing of the Small Ones Part One.

“Good morning, Rose.” The inspector tipped his fingers to his temple in a sort of salute. “Good morning, Inspector. How can I help you this fine morning?” Rose smiled with her warm and inviting smile. The inspector pulled the small notepad out of his jacket pocket. He also pulled out a pen. Detective Inspector then smiled at Rose and asked her if she had a few moments to spare from drafting her latest book. She invited him into the small cottage and offered him a cup of tea. They sat in the parlor of the cottage sipping their tea then the Inspector began to speak.

“Now Miss. Rose, I know you write mysteries for a living, and you are exceptionally good at deducing the killer and their motives. I was wondering if you would help me clean up some of my cold cases and on a trial basis of course, so the younger detectives don’t think you are stepping on their toes, as a consultant to me for any future crimes.” Rose put a hand on her chest and took a deep breath and smiled, “I would love to my dear inspector.”

He smiled and shook her hand and then as if to remember he was talking to a young lady he took her hand and kissed her on the knuckles. “Thank you, Miss., Rose, I am in your debt. If you come to the station this afternoon, we will talk about wages and get started on your first case.” He tipped his fingers to his temple again and walked out of the cottage.

Rose was all a glow with excitement, it was one thing to write about murder mysteries and yet quite another to be working on them with the inspector, who she did think was very handsome for a middle-aged man. She smiled and put the back of her hand to her lips, “I must tell my mate Susan. She will be quite happy, maybe she will even help me.” She finished off her cup of tea which by now was getting cold, and then she picked up her cell phone and dialed Susan’s number.

Rose went about her daily chores around the house, she was too excited to try and sit at her small bay window and write. For now, she thought she would put her writing on hold. She would have more than enough to keep herself occupied for the next few days or weeks she was sure, and she would even incorporate the cases she would be working on into her stories. She needed some fresh ideas. She busied herself with cleaning up her office instead of sitting to write like she usually did.

At half past one in the afternoon Rose was seated in the small office the Inspector had set aside for her and her mate Susan. The Inspector came back in with a couple of mugs of tea and some case files for the ladies to look at. “Now, ignore all the stares from the young men they aren’t used to a couple of nice ladies working as consultants. I have brought you the two oldest cases in the cold case files to start with.

If you have a need for anything my number is right, there and my office is just over there. He pointed over his left shoulder towards the corner office across from theirs. “Thank you kindly Inspector, I am sure if the files are as thorough as you and your men are then we shan’t be needing anything any time soon.”

She smiled then took a sip of her tea, her lipstick came off the rim of the mug, and she picked up a tissue and wiped it away. She lowered the mug and picked up the two files. One was marked “The lady on Market Street” and the other was called “The killing of the small ones.” She handed the Market Street file to Susan and had her look over it and then she picked up the large file marked the small ones.

She opened the file to see several pictures and some reports and codes to the lock boxes with the evidence in them. She also saw lists of evidence that they found and maps and drawings from sketch artists, she also saw several different artist sketches from eyewitnesses of several men and a woman. “Susan, what do you think of that case?” She looked up and was hoping that Susan found it boring and not worthwhile doing for their first case.

“Well, it is pretty much straight forward to me as to who did this based on the pictures and the evidence they found at the scene, what about yours?” Rose smiled and looked over at Susan and then handed her the file in front of her. “Well, Susan, I think this would be the perfect case to start with.” She handed her some of the case file for her to read.

“Oh, Yes, quite, we need to bring closure to these poor families. Has it really been 30 years since this case was opened?” Rose lowered her eyes sadly, “It would seem so, so where in that case should we start?” They pulled their chairs together on the far wall of the office and started pulling the case files apart and marking important parts of the case. They taped the pictures on the wall with descriptions of what they were and who they were on the wall, and they grouped the evidence for each under them.

After three hours they were deep in discussion with each other over one piece of evidence and who belonged to out of the victims when Inspector Black came in. “Ladies, how is everything going here? Do you want a cup of tea or something? I’m heading to the chippie on the corner if you want something for dinner. I’m buying as a thank you for taking those cases on.” The ladies looked at one another and smiled. “Why sure Inspector we would love some, is it that late already?” He looked at his pocket watch, “Why yes, it is now half past five, have you not looked at the clock?”

They looked at each other puzzled that time had gotten away from them like that, “Why no Inspector, we were quite caught up in this case and dissecting it, so we could make sense of it.” They pointed at the wall with all the pictures etc. on them and the inspector looked to where they were pointing and looked quite taken aback by how much they had done already.

“My, My, you ladies have been busy, you did all that in less than four hours? I am impressed. You work faster than most of my detectives.” He chuckled to himself. “OK, ladies I will be back shortly with some hot food and fresh cups of tea.” “Okie Dokie Inspector.” The ladies turned back to the wall in unison.

This is a short excerpt from my first episode.

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