Have You Ever Wondered How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent? Interesting Studies Funded by Your Tax Dollars.

Have you ever wondered just how your tax dollars are spent?

Well, I have found some interesting ways our tax dollars being spent. One way I found interesting is a study that amounted to the tune of $1.2 million dollars. It was a study done to find out how well a fish would run on a treadmill. Sound like hocus and a whole bunch of hooey? I thought so too until I did a little bit of research into this and other ways our tax dollars are being spent.

It turns out as one might imagine that a fish needs oxygen to exercise and if you take the fish out of the bowl of water it cannot function and needs more of that oxygen. Who would have thought? A fish needing oxygen from water. NO? Really? They needed a study funded by the government to find this information out. I could have told them for free that, that information was true and saved the government $1.2 million dollars.

This groundbreaking and informative study was conducted at the National Science Center. It studied the endurance of a mudskipper fish on a treadmill. The study made use of the fish’s ability to live out of water for an extended period of time. Scientists placed the fish on a terrestrial treadmill enclosed in an atmospheric chamber. The fish were given one minute to acclimate to the treadmill environment, then it was set to a speed of 5.5 centimeters per second. This is about 2 inches per second.

It was called a bluegill experiment. It involved placing bluegill fish in tanks of water with treadmill-like swim tunnels to observe how they swim under various conditions. The scientists collected 100 fish from different environments for the analysis.

The conclusion so far, because of course they aren’t finished with the experiment, they still have more money they need to waste, is that if you exercise a fish, it needs more oxygen, and if you take a fish out of water, it is significantly harder for it to get that needed oxygen.

So, I think I am in the wrong profession. I need to be a scientist so I can waste more of the tax payers hard earned money on needless experiments like seeing if a fish can run on a treadmill, or find that it needs oxygen to do this and if you take it out of water that is impaired. Really? What scientists honestly think this is a needed and worthwhile study, I would love to meet these scientists and ask them what they were thinking and why they think this is a necessary spending of hard earned tax payer money.

WOW, I’m speechless and if you knew me, you would know that is a pretty hard thing to make me feel and be.

Anyway I thought I would share this interesting piece of knowledge and as always Happy Writing and have a good evening. See you tomorrow.

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