Don’t Fear the Big Jolly Man in Red!


What terrifies you at Christmas?

  1. No Presents?
  2. No Santa?
  3. Waking up with no Snow?
  4. Waking up with too much snow?
  5. Not waking up.
  6. What about finding Jolly ‘ole Saint Nick isn’t so jolly?
  7. Waking up and you are all alone?
  8. Learning that Santa isn’t real for the first time?
  9. Learning that all your childhood dreams and hopes are just folly?
  10. Finding out that what you believed to be true is all just one big lie?
  11. Finding out that the man you love really isn’t the man you love after all?
  12. Finding out that it is all based on a lie?
  13. The big jolly man in the red suit is not a big jolly man at all?
  14. What would you fear the most?

I know when I was a small child I would dream of Christmas and all the great gifts it would bring, and trying to catch a glimpse of Santa, but the older I got the less this held appeal to me, because after all the letters I had sent and never once receiving what I asked for the most, I began to think more and more that Santa was just a big fat lie to keep me satisfied and compliant all through the year. At the tender age of 12 I found out from a friend that if I waited till late at night and then crept down, I would see that Santa really was just my parents waiting until we were all asleep and then putting gifts under the tree and a big red stocking at the foot of my bed. I at first didn’t believe her because much as she was my best friend, she did have a penchant for lying. I was told all the way up until the big day that if I weren’t good Santa wouldn’t bring me any gifts and I would get coal and nothing more. I tried so hard to believe it that year, but the closer it got and the more I wanted to believe it seemed the more determined she was to make me not believe, so Christmas Eve, I closed my eyes tight and waited, sure enough my parents came in and looked to see if I was asleep and then the big red stocking was placed at the foot of my bed, then they crept back out and into my sisters room and then my brothers room, then they crept down the hall to the living room, where the closet behind the tree was opened and out of it they brought all the presents that read from Santa. I was so devastated! So, it was true, Santa was a lie! I was so angry, I went back to bed and just laid there until the morning. In the morning my sisters and brother were all excitement and joy and I was miserable. I wanted to tell them so badly what a lie we had been fed. My parents asked if we got everything we wanted and if any of us had seen Santa. I spoke up and said that I never got anything that was on my list and that yes I had seen Santa and his “Helper” my parents looked at each other and then smiled and told me to stop being such a little brat and that there was no way I could have seen Santa and his helper because he was always so careful. I was adamant, I had seen them and I wanted them to know the Charade was now over. Instead of just letting me talk and get it out, my parents did what made it all the more real that there was no Santa, ,they punished me, by taking away my gifts and sending me to my room, until I could be more respectful of Santa and his hard work all year, and that maybe I should think on why I had never gotten anything I had asked for. I stormed off to my room, I was determined to let them know that the gig was up! 

After a couple of hours, my mom came into my room and asked if I had, had enough time to think on what had happened earlier. I told her yes, I had and that I now knew that Santa and his Elves were all just a big fat lie. She then told me that if I stopped believing in Santa and his Elves, I would be welcoming into my heart a very Evil Santa, who looked like Santa but was not Santa, he was more like the Devil and he came and punished children that stopped believing in Santa and made everyone else’s Christmas miserable. Now, this made me perk up a little, I wanted to hear the rest of this story, I mean if Santa wasn’t real and she wanted to keep feeding me that line then what would she invent next to try to make me stay in line? She told me of how when Santa was younger he had a twin brother who wanted to be Santa more than Santa could ever have imagined, but it wasn’t his birth right to be Santa, so he set out to destroy Christmas, by making all children believe that Santa was a lie, and when they did stop believeing then he came along and stole them in the night. It didn’t matter if they were good or bad, he came and stole them right from their beds and kept them locked away from their families and punished them over and over until they could no longer take it and became good children then he would either allow them to become Elves and work the rest of their lives making toys for all the good boys and girls. If they continued to insist that Santa was not real and behave badly then he would send them not back to live with their family again but to another family that would treat them badly. I laughed out loud at how silly this all sounded to me. My mom told me to watch what I laugh at and that I shouldn’t stop believing and shouldn’t make it miserable for the rest of the family because I was being a spoiled little brat. I wanted to believe in something, but it all just sounded so stupid to me. I spent the rest of Christmas being miserable and trying to be put on a face of compliance for my sisters and brother.

My grandpa had always been a wise man and I believed everything he said. So, when he and my grandma came over for dinner that day, I took him aside and asked him about what my mom had said and he looked me in the eyes and told me I was old enough to know the truth about Santa and where the story had come from and what it all meant, he told me of the man who went around giving gifts and toys to poor children and the good children and he was so good and kind he had been named Saint Nicholas and from that day on parents rewarded their good children with toys and gifts in honor of him. This made sense to me, then he went on to say that at the same time there was a man who would steal the gifts and children who were bad and take them and punish them and that he would ride with Sain Nick and if he caught a child sneaking around trying to see them he would put a spell on them and make them not see or believe anymore and then the next Christmas he would come back and steal them away from their family and make them work in the factory and never grow up and this is where the story of the Elves in the workshop came from, they were really bad children who had stopped believing and who were made to work and be happy about it. If not, they were sent to meet the Devil himself and work for him for the rest of their lives. This scared me enough to want to go to the library the next day it was open and do research and I did find old fables and stories of both Santa and a bad Santa, so I went back to believing in Santa and to this day I still believe, I would hate Christmas if I believed there was no Santa anymore. Even if you don’t believe don’t spoil it for everyone else, and don’t try to force them to believe something that isn’t true just because you do…..

That’s my colorful story for Christmas, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always Happy Writing and have a good evening and week.

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