This Weekend.

Well, I just checked on my Kindel Publishing account and on my Vocal+ account and I have been doing pretty good, so far, I am actually selling books and stories and articles, It is not much but I am actually doing something. It is really exciting to see the bar chart increase every week. It is so amazing that I have just started on this journey about 3 months ago and here I am writing and making money, not much, I can’t quit my job yet, but all in good time. I am looking forward to the day I can officially tell my job to shove it up their ass! I want to tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine right now, because of all the crap that is going on, I mean one person is getting rewarded for basically calling off of work and taking half the year off and here are those of us that have been picking up the slack for them and not getting anything. It is so unfair, but then, like my mom always said, life is not fair. It is also like my Grandpa would say, those who do the right thing always get shit on! My grandpa was a intelligent man and I miss his wisdom and pep talks and his little bits of knowledge that he would impart on me from day to day. The day lung cancer took him from me will be the sorriest day in my life. I miss him so much and I will never ever forgive that so called loving God for putting him in pain and taking him from me. Where are these so called scientists? Why haven’t they found a cure for something that has been around for so long, yet they are curing something that just came out? It makes me think that the big drug companies would rather profit off of the poor and the sick and dying than release and give the medications that will cure people. It is so upsetting, and then there are those holy rollers who tell me that I should just believe in a just and loving God, but to me there is nothing Just and Loving about a God who allows wars to be fought in his name and babies to be born with deadly diseases and cancer, and takes people out in some excruciatingly painful ways like cancer. So, I have my reasons for hating this so called all loving and knowing God! How can he love us so much he can do that to us? I will continue believe in my beliefs and not in a patronizing and unjust and unloving, war mongering GOD. There is no room in my life for that so called all powerful being. 

Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a rant. I am just remembering someone so near and dear to me, and how happy and proud of me he would be right now, he is the only person in my family other than my step dad and boyfriend that are proud of me, so sometimes I really coulld use his guidance and support and feeling the warmth of his hugs and the sound of his laughter. I miss him so much and wish he could be alive to see the perosn I have become and see the major battles I have overcome to be where I am now. He would be so proud of me, and he would probably have bought about 100 copies of each of my books to show his support and how proud of me he was. My mother is just jealous that my books are doing well and her adult coloring books haven’t sold, that is the difference though, hers are coloring books and mine are books to read. People are more likely to spend $6.99 on a book to read than 12.99 on a book to color in, and half of the designs are all black and you can’t really color anyway. I’m not going to clown on my mom’s work and books, because unlike her I am proud of her for going ahead and doing something she loves and wanting to make something of herself. She doesn’t feel the same way about me though, it has been that way my whole life, she has competed with me, my whole life, why since I am her daughter? It is strange how she is, but then I don’t know why she has been that way, I have always tried to be proud of my children for their accomplioshments and not compete or be jealous of them, because in their success lies my success, because I imparted on them the work ethic and the ability to be that great person they are being. BUt hey that is my thoughts on it.

Anyway, gonna go now and finish cooking my roast. As Always Happy Writing and have a good rest of your weekend and I hope good things come to each and every one of you that reads and I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. I appreciate each and every one of you that does.

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