New Story on Kindle Vella Episodes

Well, last night while at work I wrote a new story to add to my Kindle Vella Episodes library. I added a story about Christmas. It is called “Yule Be Sorry!” It is about an anti-Santa and his anti-Elves who send little messages to bad kids saying “Yule Be Sorry!” then they come and get the kid if they don’t change their ways that day, or they act like spoiled little brats that day. In this story the main boy doesn’t heed the warning and continues to laugh and be an ass to his brother so the Anti-Santa and his Anti-Elves come and kill the father and trash the home and take the bad kid, while allowing the mother and younger child to live because they aren’t the bad ones in the family. The Anti-Santa leaves the mother and younger child with the message that if they tell anyone what they saw or heard, they too will be sorry and he will come and take them and kill them too. The mother and younger child are left unharmed and allowed to continue on as if nothing happened. I am going to be creating a few more stories on the lead up to the BIG day, Christmas Day, so I will keep you up to date on that. 

I also want to let you know I finished my novel for NaNoWriMo, it is now published and available on Amazon. I am very proud of this work, as I had a lot to overcome in order to write the story and keep myself balanced and deal with, what with tough therapy to endure, family issues, work issues and love-life issues, it is amazing that I even wrote it. I am still struggling with all the issues, but I put all that frustration into my killing scenes in my novel. That is my way of working out my frustration and anger. 

I hope all who were or are working on their novels complete them and overcome problems and have a good Thanksgiving.

As always, Happy Writing and a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Btw for some reason, I can only read the beginning of our posts. I like reading on the WordPress app, so for any post that I have to click on chrome to read the rest, I just read the 1st paragraph and exit. I follow 200 different blogs and I can’t keep clicking in and out of sites because I binge-read whenever I can. Every week, I save a week’s worth of blogs for later on the WordPress reader, and then during the week, I read from them.


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